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As I mentioned in my last post, with Miguel moving offices, I’ve got a whole new host of places to explore when visiting him for a lunch date (something I do every few weeks to get out of the house – it’s nice to talk to another human being every now and then!). Dayrooms Cafe caught my eye when wandering past – the beautiful blue exterior helped.

I know they have a larger branch in West London (not somewhere I venture too often) but thought I’d include this cute little cafe in my London Tips series for those of you in and around Holborn.

I didn’t order any food on this occassion as I’d just scoffed an amazing cheese toastie around the corner (Knockbox Coffee on Lamb’s Conduit street FYI) and in all honesty the offering is slightly healthier than I’d usually go for (think colourful salads and sandwiches) but with it’s pink cups, cake and plants, it’s a perfectly Instagrammable spot to spend a lunch break.

Get a load of the colourful foodie selection on their Instagram page – but do note the selection isn’t quite as wide at this smaller branch.


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