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After getting to know Merano and it’s surrounding areas, it was time for us to move east and closer to the magnificent Dolomite mountain rage. We’d come from vineyards covered in flowers, to snow capped mountains and lakes, all surrounded by alpine trees. There was such a change in scenery in just a matter of an hour.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the landscapes here were some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. The pictures don’t do it justice. We were all staring out of the windows of the car with headphones in our ears, pretending we were in some sort of dramatic music video.

Our first stop was Karersee Lake. When it’s a totally clear day, you’ll see the mountains and trees reflect like a perfect mirror on the water here. And yes – it really is that shade of blue! It reminded me of somewhere you might find in the US or Canada – I stupidly hadn’t considered that we had such beautiful places so close to home. This part of South Tyrol certainly felt more Austrian than Italian.

After we were finished gawping at the lake, it was time to head to our next hotel. Hotel Rosalpina Dolomites. We arrived in the evening, so it was only when we woke up in the morning that we could really appreciate just what an amazing location it was, with each room overlooking the Dolomites. I can safely say I’ve never had a view quite like it upon waking up.

The ski-chalet vibes here couldn’t help but remind me of Christmas (also might have been something to do with reindeer print everywhere), and I can only imagine how romantic it would feel here at that time of year. Of course, skiing is readily available here during the winter months, but at this time of year it’s perfect for hiking or simply relaxing in the hot tub with some of the best views.

The moody skyline made it feel like we were up in the clouds (and after all the driving uphill, I don’t doubt that we were). This is definitely what I would describe as my vibe. Give me an alpine lodge and mountains over a beach any day!

Thanks once again to South Tyrol and Daisy for inviting me on such a special trip.


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