The Future of Blogging and Influencers


And that’s my take on it. This industry is going nowhere for a long time and Influencers are growing and gaining even more momentum, even if Instagram doesn’t seem to want them to.  IGTV only just launched, and it’s yet another place for content creators to get imaginative and create even more content for there audience. These new tools are always popping up and taking over the space, changing the pace and the way the industry is ticking. But it’s about keeping it fresh and alive, fun and surprising.

It’s best to embrace it, enjoy it and do whatever you can to show your audience you’re here to stay.


The biggest thankyou to the Eden Project for being the perfect location for this Sustainable fashion shoot. More on that in my next post, but the ten hours of travel was well worth it to spend time in this beautiful, tranquil place.

Secondly, a huge thankyou to Selfridges for dressing this shoot and being so wonderful to work with.

And thirdly, to Kyle Galvin for being so imaginative and always providing the lols, even when you’re three hours into a boring five and a half hour train journey. Kyle deserves to shoot for the biggest brands in the world, so I’m always so thrilled and honoured to work with him.

And to my other half, Alex, for being there through the stressful redesign and update of the blog and for filming this shoot like a trooper.

Enjoy the new site, and please do leave me any feedback in the comments as I cannot wait to hear what you think about the site, the topic and anything else I’ve mentioned. Thank you for being here!


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