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The dress is coming along beautifully!

Philippa is working her magic and I think we’re nearly there! It’s been so amazing to watch something from my imagination being brought to life in-front of my very eyes.

So with that in hand, it’s time to sort one of the most exciting bits… the shoes!

I have always wanted to say “I Do” in Choos, so we booked an afternoon at the Bond Street Jimmy Choo store.

I’ve known the girls for years, and of course they made me cry (as I have in every wedding themed appointment so far!) with the most beautiful surprise.

Valentina and I had our little emotional moment and then like any good Maid of Honour, she insisted we get down to business.

Choosing our shoes from the Aladdin’s Cave of treasures…

So many beautiful creations, everywhere we looked!

It’s a very easy place to get carried away!

We pulled ourselves together, and took a second to enjoy the moment.

If I had one piece of advice for any brides and bridesmaids out there, it’s to try and enjoy the whirlwind. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and drown in wedmin, but it really is such a short and exciting time, it’s a shame not to enjoy yourselves. Whatever task you’re handling, big, small, fun or stressful, try to take a second to look around and take a mental picture (and a real one if you like!) it’ll double your joy, I promise.

Champagne helps too!

We told the Choo girls what we were looking and hoping for.

For me, comfort. Something elegant that I can wear all day (and night!) long. I want to enjoy every second of my wedding day, and I know I can’t do that in pain.

That ruled out anything sky high, but still gave us lots of options to play with.

White Lace Romy 85

Timeless, elegant, true classics. Exceptionally comfy even if it’s very hot, as the lace lets your skin breathe.

But you know I can’t resist a little sparkle…

Ivette Sandals

Covered in the most spectacular little crystals, that are smooth so they wouldn’t catch on a dress hem.

Made for dancing!

Then there are the florals…

…and you know I do love a good floral!

We went back and forth, forth and back.

Trying to decide on our favourites.

But let’s be honest, I was always going to fall for these-

Cinderella’s Slippers

For Valentina’s shoes, we decided to go down the “Made To Order” route. Something special, just for her.

Placed our order and trotted off into Mayfair to celebrate!

Hiding from the spring showers at Hush.

Clutching our prize! Well mine, Valentina’s need to be made from scratch.

Camel coat // Blue silk shirt

Skinny jeans

Floral clutch // Nude pumps

Camel coat // Pink jumper

Skinny jeans

Pink suede bag // Pink suede shoes

Celebrating a very successful mission, and another thing ticked off our List.

Continuing our wedding diet of carbs and cocktails at every opportunity!

Unlike the rest of the world, I don’t believe that brides have to be skinny, but I do believe brides have to be happy.

So, my fellow brides, raise your cocktail to the sky and remember two things –

  1. If he’s worth marrying he’ll love you however you look coming down the aisle, but he’ll probably love you more if you do it grinning from joy rather than grimacing with hunger.
  2. You can never be too fat for shoes!


Ps. Can you guess which pair I chose? Which are your faves? 

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