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The Londoner » Time To ShineTime To Shine – The Londoner

Time to get out there and dance the night away!

Have the time of your life!

Are you sensing a theme here? Can you tell I have a new watch?

About time!

It’s not just any old watch either. It’s the new Sofie Smartwatch from my sartorial hero, Michael Kors – who kindly commissioned this post.

More than just a timepiece, you can use it to message friends and see when they’ll arrive, stay up to date on Instagram.

Track your fitness, set yourself a daily “step target” (greatly helped along by dancing!)

It even has Google Translate, for those chat-up lines the cute French bartender keeps throwing out there!

Should you look down and realise your carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin…

…it can even book you an Uber home!

Or onto the next party, as I hope the case will be.

Sparkle all the way!


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