The Londoner » What To Wear For Valentines Day


Can you believe it’s almost Valentines day again?!

It feels like time is speeding up, which officially means we’re getting old because only old people say that.

Oh well, growing old is better than the alternative I guess!

Whether you’re headed out on a hot date, staying in to get steamy, partying with friends or just taking care of yourself at home with a movie and a box of chocs, you’ll want something to wear (for the latter option I firmly suggest a onesie).

I’ve curated a few favourites (69 to be exact, which was accidental but fortuitous!) to save you a little time.

My look?

Salsa dress // Sparkly shoes (finally back in stock!)

What’s your pick of the bunch?

If you were hoping for a gift guide, hold tight! I’ve written it and it’s coming your way very soon.


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