The Monthly Playlist: January | What Olivia Did


Just before Christmas, things got a little busy over here and sadly I ended up a) forgetting to update my monthly playlist as I was solely listening to Christmas tunes and b) share my favourite Christmas tunes. This year however, I’m determined to make a conscious effort to keep these posts up, as (very kindly) they seem to always go down pretty well- and I know you’re all just as much fans of new music and discoveries as me! So! I’m back with some tunes- and this month I’ve been nothing short of obsessed with the wonderful Rex Orange County (why. is. every. show. sold. out), Sufjan Stevens after seeing Call Me By Your Name (Joe wasn’t sure if I’d ever fully get into him, but all it took was a film) and I’ve even been boogying to a bitta Troye Sivan (I dare you to listen to My! My! My! and ever get it out of your head again)! Anyway- as per I’d love to know what you’ve been listening to, and I’ve also popped my playlist below if ya fancy a quick listen!



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