The Positive Effects of the Girl Boss Movement


Everyone has an idol or a hero. Someone they look up to for a variety of reasons, whether that’s their character, their imagination, their skills, their accomplishments or their wisdom. I think it’s a great thing, to look up to the greatest aspects of someone’s being, to strive for and to help mould your own ideas, strategies and choices. I too have my idols and heroes, whom I try to channel at different moments of my week when I just need some inspiration to push me through. And it seems that in this wonderfully diversifying age we appear to be living in, that the number of powerful, aspirational, positive women, is on a sharp increase.

There is a definite correlation, I feel, between the number of self-employed careers that have formed over the last ten years, to the rise in the number of women running their own brands, becoming the bread-winner in their homes and quite frankly taking the world by storm. More people are freelancing and killing it in their own field. More women are creating their own fashion, food, travel, beauty or lifestyle brands, primarily helped by the reach, promotion and low cost of the online platform. And a huge number of people now have their own personal, social media brands, with the rise of Youtube, Blogging and Instagram, leading to an entirely new set of job roles and positions. Tens of thousands of people now have the job title of ‘Instagrammer,’ or ‘Blogger,’ or ‘Youtuber,’ –  me included, leading to a huge rise in women directing their own brands and killing it in their field. It’s inspiring. People taking control of their own goals and aspirations, with the help of their creative minds, a good photographer and a business savvy brain.


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