The Stutterheim Burgundy Raincoat Outfit


Burgundy Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat Outfit

As I am typing this, it is literally boiling hot (it’s been 30C all week) so looking at these photos that we shot a couple of weeks ago when it was cooler and raining, makes me sweat, ha ha. It’s crazy how our summers are now. For the past 3 or 4 years they have regularly hit 30C and above for a couple of weeks of the the year and it never used to! Then at the same time, in winter, it’s sub zero!

Anyway, getting to this outfit, I chose to wear my Stutterheim Mosebacke Burgundy Raincoat over a GAP Grey Long Sleeve Top for a casual feel. I then wore my Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans in All Black as a base, then for my shoes, I went with my Golden Goose Slide Hi Tops in Silver/Glitter (<- click the words to buy). I got these a couple of months ago and I absolutely fell in love with them. You can see my Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers review from before, but the Slide Hi Top is fantastic! It fastens with a side zip, so the laces are just for aesthetics really. Usually these type of shoes make my feet look large and my legs look short, but there’s something about the design of these that make my feet appear smaller and they lengthen my legs! It’s fantastic! Plus, they’re on sale!

I’m sure you can tell though that I am still absolutely loving this Stutterheim Raincoat, I adore it that much that I’m looking out for a light sand or potato version as I think a creamy coloured raincoat would be ideal, since it’s so neutral. I know they’re in the sale at the moment, but still a little bit much for me in my current situation, so we will see! I know quite a few of you used my code last time, so what colour Stutterheim raincoat did you buy? I’d love to know! As always though, let me know what you think of this casual, rainy day outfit below!

I Saw Ed Sheeran Live In Cardiff Last Weekend!

Now, here’s an update for you all on what I’ve been up to recently! This past weekend was actually filled with so much drama and stress, but I am extremely proud of myself for being able to cope. Some of you will know from my Instagram that I had an Ed Sheeran concert booked in Cardiff for around 10 months as I love his music, it was for the Friday night, but the whole weekend definitely did not go to plan. It started as they closed the Severn bridge tunnel so we couldn’t get a train to wales. Then there were no hotel bookings left either. My mum had kindly said she would drive me and Adam (which I was really grateful for) and what was supposed to take 1 hour took 3 and half because of traffic on the motor way, and then she had to drive back too so I felt so guilty. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, but putting my mum through that much stressful traffic driving wasn’t good. She was exhausted. The only hotel we managed to book in the end was £219 a night which I really couldn’t afford, but the location of it was great – it was only 6 minutes walk from the Principality Stadium, so I recommend The Clayton Cardiff.

So when we got there, I was so tired myself from stress and travel. We went to go and eat in a restaurant and that was packed, so I had anxiety then since I don’t like crowds. Cardiff was filled with people and was so loud and noisy. All of the bars were open and I think everyone had started early for their night out. I don’t usually deal so well with a lot of people, so this was tough for me to walk through it all. The stadium in Cardiff was so big with massive steps as well, I didn’t realise how far up we would actually be, so walking the stairs upset my asthma and my hip joints were hurting. I was actually close to crying by then because I was just so overwhelmed with 60,000 people around me. The loudness was too much for me too but Adam got me some ear plugs which helped. I don’t think I could have stayed without them. After all this though, when Ed came on, I definitely managed to enjoy the concert and his music for the 2 hours. I loved this part so much! You can see my highlight on my Instagram page.

Now the next day, as my mum couldn’t do that journey to pick us up again as we had planned, we had to get a train by avoiding the tunnel, so we had to go to Gloucester and then from Gloucester to Bath, which meant the whole trip took about 4 hours because they delayed one train by an hour. I was so stressed out. It was all made worse though from the night before on the Thursday, I got a bad migraine and I was in bed for hours in agony. It’s one of the worst ones I have had. Then someone stole a car outside that night and smashed it all into our neighbours car and almost ours. I had just fallen asleep at this point past the pain and then that happened. It was almost like everything was building up and up in advance to make me not go, and then cause me problems while I was in Wales too, but I am proud of myself for doing all of it as normally I wouldn’t even attempt such a thing at all. Given all of my health problems and anxiety, even though I almost cried a few times, I kept it together and battled through it. Did anyone else see Ed Sheeran this past weekend? I do actually love Cardiff usually, it was just a bad weekend for me. Lorna xx.

P.S. – I’m not usually so open in explaining a lot of what I go through mentally, but given that last month was mental health awareness month and I’ve already been so open about my Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome diagnoses, I think it’s only fair to be as truthful as possible these days.

What I Was Wearing:
Coat – Stutterheim
Top – GAP
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity
Shoes – Golden Goose


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