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Lunch Date

I think just about everyone and their mum (literally) has this Zara dress. But with good reason! It’s just so bloody easy to wear! I’ve been living in it, making the most of it’s breezy length with the buttons undone, the neckline that covers my cleavage and the sleeves. OH, and who can forget the pockets? A real 10/10.

Although, in typical Carrie fashion, I’m here bigging it up a few weeks after it sold out (unless you’re a size XS – they still have them online!) – if you’re after a very similar dress, Urban Outfitters have strappy sleeved version, which of course, I also have, because I enjoy filling my wardrobe with practically identical items 🙄

I wore this to go and meet Miguel for lunch. He’s recently moved offices, which means memorising a new bus route and more excitingly, a whole host of new places to eat. We wandered around the area, and I spotted this street, which strangely transported me to a sunny day in the West Village, New York. I can’t be crazy because Miguel agreed with me. I think it was the red brick, mixed with the tree lined street with bright sunlight pouring through. The residents here seemed to have decorated their pavements with pots of flowers. All we needed were some stoops leading up to the houses and a yellow taxi or two passing by and you’d have a perfect match.

I have no doubt I’ll be back here – there’s a cheese toasty place around the corner that I can’t stop thinking about!


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