Top 5 Luxury Summer Holiday Destinations



We stayed at the amazing Rosewood Hotel while we partied like there was no tomorrow and everything from the ocean views, the perfectly renovated rooms and the oh so helpful staff has me longing to visit again. We of course had a little chance to venture into the town, which was unbelievably colourful and we also took a number of boat trips with the Revolve team to nearby islands and beaches, which the hotel will be more than happy to recommend to you. Eating breakfast on your balcony, exploring the beautiful grounds and sunning yourself by the idyllic pool has me longing to jump on a flight right this second to be able to really delve into this wonderful place and visit the iconic pink beaches! You can catch everything that happened on the trip here.



St. Lucia might be the destination I had the most questions about when I visited earlier this year, with people wondering what ‘type’ of holiday you could have there. My answer is it can be anything you’d like it to be. Yes it’s the perfect place to honeymoon with stunning resorts like Jade Mountain and Anse Chastenet offering unrivalled views that will quite simply take your breath away. Pictures don’t quite do the landscape justice, but equally the hotels helped me and Alex to really explore the island from top to toe. Not only did we take an incredible evening boat trip, but we hiked the pitons, experienced mud baths and swam in waterfalls. Possibly the dictionary definition of paradise to visit St. Lucia and I have already recommended the hotels and the island itself to so many friends, family and to you guys! You can see more of the beautiful resorts and our time in St. Lucia here and here.


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