Two Jewellery Trends You Need to Know About for Spring


Generation Charm Club

With so many new charms being launched for Generation Charm Club, the possibilities for personalisation are endless and exciting. The idea is to choose the charms you love the most, select a style and length of necklace and create your own unique jewellery set. And honestly, I had so much fun selecting mine. I have never personally seen a brand allow you to create your own style of necklace with a variety of symbols and charms, so for me this was such a cool experience. When you style up your necklace, you can decide who you want to be that day, what style you want to wear and what message you hope to convey, by mixing up your charms and the style of necklace you wear on a given day. For me, I selected charms that I loved the shape and colours of, and that evoked a sense of fun, happiness and individuality.


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