Vintage Purple Floral Dress In The Summer


Vintage Purple Floral Dress In The Summer

The past 5 days or so have been crazy! Where did the summer go? I know some of you here in the UK have had awful flooding from the severe thunderstorms we were all having, so I hope you’re all ok! Luckily here it didn’t flood, just bad storms. As us Brits always talk about the weather, I’m sure a lot of us are being skeptical and thinking that the summer has now gone, ha ha. I’m just lucky Adam and I managed to get a few good days of sun while we were in Lyme Regis! Speaking of which, the blog post with the photos will be coming up on Friday!

Now getting to my outfit, you have seen this dress twice before (here and here) and it’s one that I often reach for in the hot weather. It’s a Vintage Urban Renewal Dress and the cotton is so lightweight that it’s just completely breathable and lovely. It’s a joy to wear when you’re sweating, ha ha. I styled it with my Schutz Rashne Double Strap Sandals (which I included in my recent shoe roundup), my Celine Mini Belt Bag in Clay, my Superdry Sunglasses (I’m sure you can tell I love them right now) and my Swarovski Crystal Dust Bracelet.

I’m glad that when I actually bought this dress back in 2014 (I know, I was shocked I have had it 4 years!) it was a little loose because it still fits me with the small weight gain that’s happened over the last year. It’s one of those pieces that I just never get bored of. My style is changing a lot lately and I would say as of the past 3-4 months, I’m always gravitating towards dresses, playsuits, and shirts now instead. It’s even been a long time since I wore wellies! Don’t worry though, I haven’t got rid of them and I still wear my rain coats all the time! Anyway, I will leave it at that and talk a lot more in the Lyme Regis blog post soon. What do you think of the outfit? Lorna xx.

What I Was Wearing:
Dress – Vintage (similar)
Shoes – Schutz
Bag – Celine
Sunglasses – Superdry
Bracelet – Swarovski


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