When to Invest in Luxury Accessories Vs High Street



It’s not often you’ll see me in flat shoes, unless I’m off to the gym or on holiday that is. There’s nothing special about how I’m able to spend so much time in heels/heeled boots, it’s just a preference abut how I feel and hold myself in them. On vacation however, you’ll find me either bare foot or wearing some cute espadrilles/sandals. Investing in some great, comfortable flats is a must, no matter what type of holiday you’ve chosen to treat yourself to, you just need to decide how much you’ll be spending on them. For me if it’s a beach holiday, then a pricier pair only worn in the evenings are my ‘go to‘, but if it’s a city break I’m on and I’ll be walking miles upon miles each day, then a cheaper pair will see me through and I won’t be as upset when they get a little dirty either.


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