White Jeans + Flowers • WishWishWish


in Amsterdam

I ummed and ahhed about wearing this pair of jeans. I liked how I looked in the mirror, but photographing yourself from all angles on a regular basis can leave you feeling less than secure at times, and a white wide-legged pair of jeans were certainly going to trigger some of those feelings. But as I’ve said before, I’m not one to shy away from clothing I like just because it might be perceived more flattering on another body type. Although, looking back at the pictures I’ve chosen (hello flowers covering my stomach), I’m not at my most confident when it comes to sharing that right now.

On a less glum note (we all have days we’re feeling less confident, right?), I picked up this t-shirt the day before at a little boutique in the city. I loved the colour, and despite having packed one in a very similar shade, I couldn’t help myself.

These photos were taken after another long day of walking the city. I should probably learn to shoot first thing in the morning when I’m looking fresh rather than after a full day in the sun, but y’know, keeping it real..

I hope you’re not too bored of the Amsterdam backdrop because I’ve got just one more post coming up – although it’s slightly different as we took a daytrip to the sea!


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