Why Bloggers Should Diversify and Grow their Blog and Brand


Broaden your Horizons

Comparison is the thief of joy, something I truly wholeheartedly believe, but inspiration? It’s priceless. Sometimes all we need to encourage ourselves is to choose to see how far others have come from their beginnings in the industry. We can choose not to compare our own journey, after all we’re all unique just as our content should be, but it’s also motivating to see what is possible for us in the industry. Is there something happening on a social channel or a platform that maybe you could start to use to your advantage? Facebook video, in-depth blog articles, IGTV, styling videos, vlogs or Instagram stories for example. Or maybe there’s an opportunity offline that could be perfect for you.

Take Chriselle Lim – my ultimate girl boss inspo since the beginning. Everything she takes on and every step she makes, helps to encourage my own ideas. Her drive, her passion, her zest for her brand’s development is second to none and that for me is what is truly priceless. Seeing her team grow, her family thrive, her brand venture into new formats (she just started CInc Studios) and watching her content constantly improve is a real motivator.  Similarly look at Aimee Song, her style is gorgeous and the way her content remains so true to herself is inspiring. But she also released an Instagrammer favourite book (for instagrammers) and runs her own fashion brand, Two Songs. And then there’s Claire Marshall, someone who stands alone with her brand, style and creativity. Claire puts 100% into everything she develops from her Instastories, to her incredible YouTube videos through to her new Facebook Fives, five minute videos. She’s always pushing the boundaries and she’s the type of creator to look at, to offer inspiration to broaden your horizons. Moving forward is the only direction for us.


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