Why Happiness Is My Number One Priority


Happiness – it seems such a simple, childlike idea. I often think about how happiness is truly unique and means so many different things, to so many individuals. For me, narrowed down to it’s simplest form, it’s the feeling of contentment, the feeling of being grateful and the ability to see the positive, through the inevitable negativity. It’s the calm you can choose to restore a little perspective, when things start to get just too much. My recent trip to India opened my eyes to so much, including how happy everyone I was lucky enough to meet seemed, no matter their situation. Yes, you never truly know a person by one brief meeting, but you can definitely feel true happiness emanating from someone if it’s present. There’s so much going on in the world, and we are each fighting our own unique battles, but some people have the ability to shine with happiness because they choose to fill their lives with perspective and love. I want to be one of those people. Happiness can easily be the universal key to so many of those doubts and worries that appear from time to time and if it’s not this time around? Then at least you’re spreading some good vibes to someone else in the world, when they might well need it the most right now. And that in itself it’s beautiful, is it not?


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