Why I Don’t Attend Fashion Weeks


I put it down to age and experience.  When I turned thirty, something inside my head clicked and it’s like all wisdom that was in my twenty-something head suddenly came out of hiding and many things just became so clear.  I didn’t want any of this any more, I just wanted to be myself and if anyone didn’t like that then they could just ‘do one’.  I was no longer interested in the showtime of Fashion Week, and when I broke it down I never used to get anything from it, it was a waste of time and money.  I now choose to spend my time creating actual content that you guys want to see, real outfits that I actually wear whilst out and about, not costumes which have been put together to attract the Street Style brigade.  Ironically I’ve reached a point, or more accurately my following has reached a number which is now accepted by the Fashion Week gods that be and I get sent the invites I aways wanted and get offered some amazing opportunities surrounding Fashion Month, but it’s just not for me any more.

I understand the premise of this post has been quite negative, but believe it or not I actually enjoyed reminiscing about the highs and lows.  For the record I’m not saying that everyone who attends Fashion Weeks are absolute arseholes, there are nice people in Fashion too.  Nor am I saying that all other bloggers are dicks, again, I do know some genuine, kind hearted folk.  I think it just takes a certain kind of person to ‘do’ Fashion Weeks and I’m just not cut out for it.  This isn’t a closed book, there’s nothing to say my mind won’t change in the future as a lot of things may have changed in my absence, so I may well return to Fashion weeks but for now I’m just happy (being the operative word here) doing what I’m doing.


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