Why I Want to Be a Healthy, Happy Morning Person


It’s all about routine

I need routine. The reason I haven’t exercised is because I have barely been in the country since mid January. And if I have been, I haven’t had the time to get over to the gym. But I’ve realised it’s because I’m always so tired, in a bad routine where I go to sleep at 1am, don’t wake up until late and then I’ve missed a few hours in the day that would have been perfect for a workout; or at least some more work. I’m sure some of you out there can totally relate. Too much work, no energy, no desire to go anywhere other than the sofa or bed.

So, I’m changing my ways. I intend to get to sleep most nights by 10.30-11, meaning that I wake up no later that 7. I want to be one of those people who wakes up, heads into the kitchen for a coffee, sits in the living room listening to jazz on the Google Home whilst the sunshine makes its way across the room, before getting into my gym leggings and walking to my nearest yoga class. How calming and productive a life that would be. But as a self-employed person, this could be me, easily, and I want it to be me. In honesty, the jazz and coffees is a thing that’s happening most days to set us in the right mood, the sunshine absolutely not, thankyou London, and the gym and a 7am start is an absolute no. But it could be, and I want it to be part of my new routine.

I want to feel like part of a yoga or spin class again – it’s been so long since I felt those after-gym endorphins that I’m literally craving them. As soon as we return to London tomorrow, I want to get my new Gymshark leggings on and head right over to the gym. To stretch, squat and shake away those cobwebs from the past three months. I want to feel my legs toning again. I want to feel amazing after meals, because they have no dairy in them. I want to feel that little more alive and on top of my sh*t. That’s who I want to be, right now. Those successful women who get up early and get themselves ready proactively for the day, they don’t have the exact same routine, but they have a hell of a lot in common.


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