Why It’s Okay To Ask for Help for your Mental Health


It’s so hard sometimes to empathise with another when it comes to mental health, but no matter how that person is dealing with their situation and how hard you may be finding it to understand, the common denominator is that every single person needs some form of support. Support from family, from friends, from health services – from anyone who can offer that extra hand to hold and that extra strength needed for the battle they’re currently facing.

We’ve been privy to too many news articles recently, reciting statements from loved ones, who wish so badly that their friend, their son,  their partner, had been offered more support in their time of need or wishing they’d reached out to them. It’s another urgent sign that we must keep talking about mental health and end the stigma that so tightly surrounds it. Emotions do not discriminate and neither should we. We can all feel utterly lost, completely broken and simply hopeless sometimes. But whether it’s the first time we’ve felt this way or the hundredth exhausting time, please reach out and ask for help, because it’s okay to talk about your problems and you are not alone.


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