Why It’s Okay To Make Mistakes



My very favourite saying – You Live You Learn. I chose to have this tattooed onto the nape of my neck for a good reason. It’s a signal for me, a memory, that a mistake is just a mistake and simply nothing more. Like everything that happens in our lives, there are choices at every step and fork of our journey. To make the mistake, to accept it, to own it, to deal with it, to move on from it. Without taking a momentary step back and realising that we’re only human, we’ll never move past the mistakes we accidentally make. Like all processes, there’s no time frame and although we will naturally beat ourselves up for a short while, we can eventually make that last choice and learn from it all. It may well be a cliche but sometimes the cliches are the things that hold us down when we need an anchor to stand firm in our mistakes and the outcomes.


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