Why You’ll Never Regret Facing Your Fears



The word luxury doesn’t even come close to describing this car and the experience you’ll have while driving such a beautiful vehicle. Now I know why people say they have ‘dream cars’ – because this is now most definitely mine.

From the moment you step foot towards the Bentley Continental GT, you know you’re in for the ride of your life, no matter which roads lie ahead of you. From the craftsmanship you can see in every inch of the interior, the thought processes that have gone into the experience and the sleek lines of the body that give it it’s robust yet sporty edge. 

For me the most incredible part of driving the Continental GT, was the detail and attention that has clearly gone into every single piece of technology in the car. From it’s ability to read speed signs for you and project them onto the window, to the adaptive cruise control and even so far as the perfect finishing touches such as the welcome lighting as you enter the car. You won’t regret setting foot inside a Bentley. I fell head over heels in love as soon as I sat inside.

See more about the new Bentley Continental GT here.


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