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One of my favourite memories from our trip to New Zealand is the guided walk that Liv and I went on whilst in Queenstown. The other half of our group had opted to do something adventurous, but we fancied keeping both feet on the ground and seeing a bit more of what the surrounding parts of the town had to offer.

We hopped in a car with Guided Walks New Zealand and drove out of the bustling resort town and into the wilderness. You’re totally surrounded by nature in Queenstown (the same can be said for most of New Zealand), yet it was different to anything we’d come across so far on our trip. Alpine trees, lakes and mountains. It didn’t take long for us to reach Bob’s Cove, where we set off for a hike that took far longer than it should have due to our excessive photo taking!

Now, I use the word hike lightly. In our trainers and dresses we didn’t exactly come dressed for the occasion, but it didn’t matter, we ambled along, saying hello to all of the birds we could find along the trail. We stopped to take photos at a beautiful jetty surrounded by turquoise water, it couldn’t have been more peaceful.

After climbing up as high as we could, we stopped for a tea break (complete with New Zealand’s best cookies from Cookie Time) – the views were just amazing. There are walks like this in abundance in Queenstown, so it’s the perfect place for people who love the outdoors.

We reluctantly had to head back down, but did so with lots of happy memories.

More from New Zealand in my next post!


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