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Before we get any deeper into my New Zealand trip, I thought I’d share an outfit I wore whilst there. I’m not sure why it is that whenever I’m heading on a trip (other than to Iceland et al) I assume the weather is going to be hot. I was glad that I had a number of you telling me to pack for all seasons, because late Summer/Autumn in New Zealand is probably less predictable than the UK! It meant my suitcase was perpetually overweight when catching internal flights, but at least I had jumpers, raincoats, boots AND summer dresses and sunglasses.

Thankfully on a sunny day in Christchurch I managed to crack out an outfit fit for the season (well, the season somewhere…still couldn’t quite get used to the Northern/Southern hemisphere thing). Only it took all of 10 minutes to go wrong. Please remind me not to wear a new pair of shoes out for a day exploring a city. All it took was a walk down the road for the shoes I’d originally picked out to blister my feet, leaving me hobbling to the nearest shoe shop to find some back-less alternatives! Pretty happy with my choice though – I know I’ll get plenty of wear out of these mules!

It wasn’t all sunshine with my beautiful yellow blouse, either. Girls with bigger boobs – you know this feeling. When I purchase things I somehow forget that my chest doesn’t resemble the models. A look that’s chic or effortless on a smaller girl is slightly more, ahem, eye-catching on me. After battling with my bra showing all day, I decided to whip it off. Yes, I have boobs, but they aren’t going to stop me from wearing cute wrap blouses!

As my travel buddy Liv told me, I need to be the change that I want to see. My cleavage isn’t exactly revolutionary, I know, but if I’m able to contribute images of a person very happy with their body, even if it doesn’t look quite like the image on the website, I’m cool with that.

A lot more from our trip to New Zealand coming up!


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